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Enjoy paradisiacal charm with the Best Hotel in Shimla

Holidays are meant to be refreshing and peaceful. Coupled with comfort and luxury within the backdrop of verdant and lush surroundings and fresh air, they can invigorate the mind and rejuvenate the soul. Now you can experience paradisiacal charm that is difficult to forget with the best Hotel in Shimla at Sanobar, the Euphoria Grand or The Grand White, a part of the Parfait Hotels.

Situated in cool salubrious surroundings, enclosed with fragrant cedar forests, you will be transported to
an altogether different world. Exotic view of snow peaks with refreshing mountainous allure cradled in
the heart of Shimla make the hotel a perfect destination for an unforgettable experience.

A privileged site, they are just 2 minutes walking distance from ISBT Shimla and The Mall. All famous
sightseeing spots of the city including Indian Institute of Advance Studies, Himachal Pradesh University, Lakkar
Bazar  and so on are in the vicinity with a few minutes’ drive. Easy accessibility of the hotels resonates with the
budget minded travelers, who will appreciate the luxury with comfort.

The architecture echoes with simplicity and modern aesthetic style with contemporary design. Packed
with incredible amenities, the richly textured custom-designed furnishings are reminiscent of beautiful
work of art. With all facilities in sync with ease and tranquility, these elegant abodes are perfect for
family and friends. You can indulge in the opulence of our grand and stylish accommodations or simply
relax, unwind and revitalize your body, mind and spirit

Offering peaceful and luxurious moments, Parfait Hotels deliver amazing services with personalized
touch. Visitors are greeted warmly by the staff that is expert in management and hospitality allowing
you to enjoy the best world class service subdued in elegance etching in your memories for long.
The detailed culinary program with exceptionally crafted cuisine will give you a multisensory adventure.
Delicious and nourishing meals offering pleasures of the tongue leave a lasting taste. Locally-sourced
ingredients form the staple at the restaurant that offers breakfast lunch and dinner with a diverse
mix of international flavors.
Treat yourself to remarkable holidays full of excitement with exquisite service. With a perfect blend of
grandeur and comfort, Parfait hotels are an ideal spot for vacation for families, honeymooners and
premium luxury travelers to the town making them the Best Hotel in Shimla.