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From Budget to Luxury, you will get the Best price providing service in the region!   offering the astonishing comfort, To inspire, connect people and places. Reflects the art of unique experience… “This experience is completely distinctive spirit of Hotel Parfait”!

Hotels near ISBT Shimla Grand white and Euphoria Grand, our two properties are housed with Beaux–Luxury buildings restoring its grandeur with style.The most enticing location is celebrating its
privileged site, with picturesque and exclusive view of woods and hills, that allocates you to experience Grand White and Euphoria Grand in your own rhythm and pace.

Hotel Grand White and Euphoria Grand as Luxury Hotels in Shimla,a worth place for your complete holiday. Grand White and Euphoria Grand launches Only Luxury with its over-sized amenities, stylish architecture, and settling higher standard for hospitality with customized experiences makes it best place to stay in Shimla.

Hotel Parfait the best place to stay in shimla for its incredible for its romantic getaway in the dense woods surrounded with most beautiful fjord of nature that can drive anyone crazy!

Parfait Hotels are not just known for their aesthetically pleasing properties but also for their flawless services. With a polite, well-trained staff and numerous excellent amenities, Sanobar The Euphoria
Grand and The Grand White by Parfait have become the best four star hotels in the queen of hills, providing exquisite experience.

The pink city of Jaipur is a beautiful rustic edifice, abundant with colorful markets, vivid people and captivating yet chaotic streets. The city structured in the form of a beautiful maze setup owing to the tiny alleyways and congested streets, makes you feel like you’re in some part of Old Dubai.

Walk into the world of euphoria and serenity by experiencing pleasure, comfort and luxury offered by Parfait Hotels in the Queen of hills – Shimla. Marrying beauty, comfort-ability and affordability,
The Grand White and Sanobar The Euphoria Grand, offer the best Shimla Hotels price, and guarantees to provide you with heavenly and unforgettable days for years to come.

Who isn’t a sucker for dreamy, luxurious and relaxing vacation time with their loved ones? Discovering the world of crisp, nippy mountain air, vibrantly vivid streets, emerald green lakes and pearly white waterfalls should not only consist of adventure but also some peace for the soul.

Looking for some majestically warm, comfortable and cosy time with your family in the queen of hills? A good place to stay and relax can make all the difference and this is precisely what Parfait
Hotels strive to deliver.

The fun part of a wedding is undoubtedly the honeymoon that follows right after it and it’s integral that it should be packed with fun, adventure, comfort and a great deal of romance. After week-long wedding festivities, the couple deserves a relaxing and romantic getaway to not just rejuvenate and recondition themselves but also to connect on a personal level.